With cannabis being legalized across the country since last year, you'd assume since the accessibility is so wide spread that it would be the drug most commonly used to partake in illegal acts, such as driving high. You've also probably seen more recent advertisements from the government warning strongly of the effect of cannabis on the road, but to our surprise it doesn't happen to be the drug of choice for Quebec.

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TL;DR Studies on the urine of Quebec drivers arrested for drug use show that methamphetamine is the most commonly used substance for driving high. Experts are concerned by how strong the side effects are for the drug. Later this year police will be able to conduct blood testing to identity the amount of cannabis in a driver's system. More details below.

A recent study shows that rather than marijuana, methamphetamine is the substance of choice for majority of Quebecers arrested for driving high.

The study comes from Le Journal by the Laboratory of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Pathology, which studied urine tests on Quebecers arrested for driving impaired. It turns out that meth was the most commonly used substance at 56.5% with cannabis landing in second place at 46.9%. Third places goes to cocaine at 32.6%.

According to experts the province should seriously be concerned over the data found, as meth has significantly worse side effects than cannabis use and could lead to disaster if someone happens to be driving under the influence.

The drug can lead to sudden impulsive behaviour such as driving rage. There is also more risk-taking and nervousness associated with meth. Basically, although cannabis is definitely illegal to use while driving, if you had to pick a substance you'd probably want to choose that over using meth.

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Later this year police will be able to take blood tests of drivers to determine the exact levels of cannabis in a person's system. If the tests can also identify other substances such as meth, the new law will definitely persuade Quebecers to drive sober. 


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