Ah, the sweet rival continues. Big 7 Travel released a ranking of the friendliest cities and towns in Canada, and Montreal beat Toronto by a long shot. Although Big 7 Travel didn't tell us exactly how they got these statistics, besides saying they asked their audience, they're enough of a trusted travel publication for me to trust their judgement.

Toronto got outed in the intro of the article, with the author saying the city "juuuust made it into the Top 25…" But don't worry Torontonians, we know you belong in the list.

Although all the Hallmark movies seem to claim that it's the small towns with the friendliest people, this list shows that there are good people out there no matter what size of the city or town they live in.

Please remember when you're reading this, don't shoot the messenger. I'm just a proud Montrealer who's relaying the info about my favourite city getting the recognition it deserves for its friendly population.

I made sure to include the entire ranking, so you can compare yourself to the rest of your family around Canada!

Dear Montrealers, we did not win first place, so don't let your heads get too big.

Toronto's ranking at #24 comes with the explanation that "Toronto’s progressive atmosphere makes it an enjoyable city to visit, with some of the friendliest people in the country to boot." Not wrong, not wrong at all.

Big 7 Travels continues to describe Toronto as being "family-friendly and safe, with heaps of culture and makes visitors soon feel like locals. You’ll get an instant feel for the friendliness here."

People from all over Canada choose to move to Toronto, so there has to be a good reason for that, right?

But it seems Montreal, our beloved city, has a friendlier population than the city we always seem to be in competition with (Toronto).

According to Big 7 Travel, "Montreal is a charming place. Visitors will be welcomed in both English and French, and locals are always on hand to recommend a hidden gem to eat or drink."

I can definitely vouch for that one! Even though I don't like generalizing, the majority of us Montrealers get excited about meeting tourists who are here to discover the city we already know and love. 

I must point out that we can't let Toronto's lower-ranking taint Ontario's whole image.

The Ontario cities and towns of Brampton, Peterborough, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ottawa, Stratford, and Huntsville all made it onto Canada's friendliest places list.

So, we can easily say that it's quite a friendly province!

Here are the 25 happiest cities and towns in Canada according to Big 7 Travel:

25th. Fredericton

24th. Toronto

23rd. West Kelowna

22nd. Fernie

21st. Winnipeg

20th. Brampton

19th. St. Albert

18th. Peterborough

17th. Sault Ste. Marie

16th. Charlottetown

15th. Saint John

14th. Dartmouth

13th. Victoria

12th. Saskatoon

11th. Edmonton

10th. Niagara-on-the-Lake

9th. St. John’s

8th. Ottawa

7th. Stratford

6th. Tofino

5th. Calgary

4th. Huntsville

3rd. Montreal

2nd. Halifax

And finally, which city was ranked friendliest in all of Canada? Vancouver. "The city [with] an amazing multicultural community who band together to make visitors feel welcome and safe at all times."

Honestly, after having spent time exploring Vancouver, I am totally on board with Big 7 Travel's ranking. I love Montreal, but Vancouver locals have to be some of the sweetest people I've ever met. 

Congrats, Vancouver!

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