Standing outside in the freezing ass cold, bobbing up and down in a desperate attempt to stay warm while waiting for the bus to come is pretty standard in Montreal. Welcome to winter! But is this fair? I don't think so. 

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TL;DR The Montreal STM bus service appears to be having difficulties this winter. Many angry — and cold — commuters are turning to Twitter to express their frustration with the STM bus. 

Because it seems like this winter, the STM bus service is even worse than before. Montrealers are particularly pissed off at the bus service, and the online rants are everywhere to prove it.

Although the STM has launched services like real time bus schedules that should, in theory, make life easier for commuters, the bus remains a very last resort for people for a few reasons.

It's always late. 

Passengers are NOT pleased.

Technology is not reliable way of tracking STM buses

STM bus drivers will NOT STOP for people waiting at the bus stop

And then some more hilarious general rants 

I'll give the STM one thing, they are very active on social media and do respond to angry and frustrated Tweets and messages from commuters. 

They also frequently remind those who follow the STM social media accounts, that if there seems to be a re-current issue on a bus line, you can file an official complaint with them.

More STM news to come.

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