To be frank, if you drive in Montreal, you're probably used to the traffic, so any threat of MORE traffic is kinda like... well, what else is new?

But every once and a while there's an event in Montreal that impacts more than just people in cars. This weekend, people taking the bus and the metro will likely also feel the effects.

That's because Montreal's annual GO VELO event is happening this weekend, meaning the cyclists will be out in hordes. And if you're not one of them, you're likely going to be stuck behind them.

The first event happens Friday night, called Tour La Nuit, and follows the route seen below. Cyclists will be starting at Parc Jeanne Mance, heading east around Parc Maisonneuve and circling back across Sainte-Catherine and Rene-Levesque to end up back up near the Monument George-Etienne.

Because of the number of cyclists expected to participate in the event, there will be significant road closures to ensure the cyclists' safety, particularly as this first even happens during the evening.

Roads around the "Depart" will be closed around 6:30 PM until 10:30 PM, while roads around the "Arivée" will be closed around 8 PM until midnight. 

Significant arteries of the city that will be closed include Côte-Sainte-Catherine, ave Mont-Royal, boulevard Saint-Laurent, rue Rachel, rue Sherbrooke, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, boulevard Rene-Levesque and rue Berri.

For a full list of Friday night's road closures click here to read the PDF provided by Vélo Québec that lists both where the roads will be closed and for what period of time.

Sunday's event is far more extensive as there are four routes of varying length that cyclists will be travelling. 

The green track highlights the 25km route and the orange route is the 50km route. Roads will be closed all along these routes at varying times throughout the day on Sunday.

The map below shows the other two routes planned for Sunday's Tour de l'Ile. The purple track shows the 65km route, and the blue highlights the 100km route.

Significant closures include avenue du Parc, rue Jean-Talon Ouest, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, boulevard Decarie, rue Sherbrooke, rue Notre-Dame and more.

For a full list of Sunday's road closures click here to read the PDF provided by Vélo Québec that lists both where the roads will be closed and for what period of time.

In addition to these road closures, there will be significant cancellations to several STM bus lines and the metro is going to be inundated with bikes... 

But this event is one of the things that makes Montreal such a cyclists haven, (we were rated #1 Cycling City in all of North America, after all!) so don't be too pouty about it. It's what makes us special.

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