Montreal is currently experiencing some insane winter weather that has thrown the city into complete chaos. There are literally people having to climbs walls to avoid walking through deep puddles of water and piles of ice on the street.

If you thought the sidewalks were bad, you should see the roads. Semi-submerged cars and even buses are crawling through the rising water and treacherous sheets of ice around the city, and, as of noon yesterday, Montreal officials have shut down certain streets as safety precautions.

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And like every weekend in Montreal, certain highways, service roads, ramps, and exits will be closing down, for maintenance and road work, so be sure to stay informed and know which ones to avoid. 

Highway 136 and Highway 20

Route 136 / Highway 20 West will be completely closed between Exit 5 in the Ville-Marie Tunnel and the Turcot Interchange from Friday evening until Monday.

Saint-Antoine Street East and Hôtel de Ville Avenue will also be fully closed, according to the same schedule.

In the Turcot Interchange, the ramp on Route 136 West for Autoroute 15 North Decarie will also be closed.

In the eastbound direction, Route 136 will be completely closed between Exit 2 Atwater Avenue and the entrance to Notre-Dame and Cathedral Streets, in the Ville-Marie Tunnel, from Friday evening until Monday.

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Highway 15

Highway 15 South, between the Turcot Interchange and the entrance to Atwater Avenue, will be closed from Friday to Monday. 

Turcot Interchange

The ramp on Highway 20 for Highway 15 South to the Champlain Bridge is closed from Friday to Monday morning.


The ramp from Highway 40 West to Highway 15 South will be completely closed from Friday to Monday.

Nun's Island

The Nuns' Island Boulevard will also be closed under Highway 15 overpasses from Saturday morning to Monday morning.

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