• Hudson's Bay Montreal is hosting the ultimate throwback pop-up shop called The Nostalgia Project.
  • It's going on from now until April in Montreal's downtown location, and it has everything necessary to bring you right back to your childhood.
  • See pictures of the collection below!

Hudson's Bay Montreal has just launched a project that will have every '90s kid (most likely '80s kids too) shaking in their seat. It's called The Nostalgia Project and, as its name suggests, it brings you right back to your youth. It's a pop-up shop that is going on from now until April — and you don't want to miss out on this colourful and unique consumer experience.

Five Canadian cities were chosen to have the project launched in their downtown location, and Montreal is blessed to be one of them. The other four are in Yorkdale, Sherway, and Queen St. in Toronto, and downtown Vancouver. You can also find the collection online on the Bay's website.

The Nostalgia Project has just about everything us '90s kids grew up with: Lip Smackers, animal prints, Pacman accessories, Adidas — and almost anything else that comes to mind when you think of your childhood.

Hudson's Bay Fashion Director Tyler Franch says "The Nostalgia Project brings brands together that allow style seekers to reminisce while still offering them fresh up-and-coming designers that modernize the aesthetic."

As described in the press release, "The Nostalgia Project will offer consumers all of the of-the-moment fashion and lifestyle necessities to rival and emphasize their inner fly-girl, pop star, boy band heartthrob or movie heroine from the '90s era."

Whether you're into vintage fashion, have a decade-themed party coming up, or just love neon colours — you're going to want to check this out.

The collection has Lip Smackers galore — a trend I know we're all happy to see a revival of.

This means that flavoured kisses will be making a comeback.

Every Saturday in March, there will be a DJ spinning at Montreal's downtown location. All throwback tracks, of course.

The press release also explains that "The Nostalgia Project's curated collection will offer customers all of the '90s-style staples that they grew to love, including hair scrunchies and acrylic clips, Melissa Jellies shoes, Champion sneakers, Fila tennis skirts, baby doll dresses, and Lip Smacker chapsticks."

"While also introducing new and unique collaborations on a rolling basis, namely Italian streetwear brand GCDS, who has partnered with cult-classics like Jurassic Park, Hello Kitty, and Care Bears."

I am 23 years old and will proudly still wear a Care Bears shirt.

It seems the curators didn't solely stick to '90s nostalgia since the iconic '60s phones made an appearance in the collection as well.

You also now have a chance to buy a neon jumpsuit, which Montrealers usually only wear for Igloofest weekends. 

Do you remember when saying "talk to the hand" was the biggest diss you could lay on someone?

Well, it's back, baby.

And naturally, to suit the '90s vibe, animal print is all over the place.

What do I see here? Clueless and Pacman memorabilia on one rack? A dream come true.

For more information and a full list of brands taking part in The Nostalgia Project, take a look at the press release or go to the Bay's website.

Happy shopping, Montreal!

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