A protest organized by FRAPRU, "Front d'action populaire en réaménagement urbain," is slowly moving its way north on rue Guy in Montreal.

The march started at Guy-Concordia station this morning at 11 A.M. and is planned to finish with a demonstration at a provincial government office on Sherbrooke.

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TL;DR There is current a demonstration and march occurring downtown Montreal that started at Guy-Concordia Station and is headed to Francois Legault's Montreal office on Sherbrooke. Police are blocking off roads and traffic is slow.

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Hundreds of people have come to demonstrate and advocate for social housing and the sufficient funding of AccèsLogis today.

According to the government of Quebec site, AccèsLogis "encourages pooling of public, community and private resources to produce social and community housing for low- and moderate-income households and for people with special housing needs."

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According to FRAPRU, due to the underfunding of AccèsLogis, only 731 new social housing units came to fruition this year.

That number is less than a quarter of the amount announced in the last Quebec budget. 

The demonstration comes off the heels of statements made by the CAQ Minister of Municipal Affairs and housing.

The Minister, Andrée Laforest, explained that the Legault government would be waiting for federal assistance to go forward with the funding of AccèsLogis.

The housing situation in many parts of Quebec is teetering on dangerous. In fact, the rental market in many Canadians cities is currently a very cut-throat environment.

Data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Fall 2018 Rental Market Report shows that many urban areas in Quebec are showing very low vacancy rates.

There is an equilibrium that needs to be maintained with vacancy rates, as populations in urban areas are often in flux and usually increasing.  

Pair this low vacancy rate with the inflation of rental prices and citizens in precarious financial situations or precarious rental situations are at risk of being without safe and affordable housing.

The FRAPRU demonstration is scheduled to end in the early afternoon.


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