Moving day is quickly approaching and if you're taking part, you'll be needing to make some tough decisions. Furniture is probably the most complicated aspect of the moving process. Much of it is discarded on the side of the street, left to be picked up by kindly passers-by. 

It's a fact that many of us own IKEA furniture. The inexpensive yet wonderfully designed Swedish do-it-yourself furniture is a signature feature of many bachelor pads, apartments, and dorm rooms.

Throwing it away is a terrible waste though! I can't even count how many LACK coffee tables I've seen strewn about town this week. But there's no need to throw away IKEA furniture anymore because the retailer offers an incredible sell-back program!

That's right! In IKEA's commitment to creating a more sustainable home life, they've begun the IKEA Sell-Back Program, which allows IKEA Family members to submit an application to sell back their furniture for store credit!

First of all, you have to sign up for the IKEA Family program. It's totally free to sign up and you'll be able to access exclusive rewards and offers. 

Once you do that, you can take part in the IKEA Sell-Back Program! It's simple — you take 4 or more photos of the item you'd like to sell and an IKEA representative will assess the value and condition of the piece and send you a response, and finally, you drop off your item and get in-store credit for a new purchase!

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Once they refurbish the item, IKEA will put it back into circulation and offer it back to the community. This is a great recycling initiative that will benefit people as well as the planet! 

IKEA says that by 2030, their ambition is to "inspire and enable more than 1 billion people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet." 

Founder Ingvar Kamprad says that he wants IKEA to set a "good example" for a sustainable future. For such a large company, IKEA is one of the leaders in sustainable practices.

To participate in IKEA's Sell-Back Program, make sure to first sign up to the IKEA Family by clicking here

Moving day is coming up fast so act now if you need to get rid of some unwanted furniture!

For more information about the IKEA Sell-Back Program, please visit IKEA Canada's official website.


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