We announced a couple months ago that the Illumi Village of Lights in Laval was also going to have a huge Christmas Market, with merchants and food vendors and bonfires and... well all the stuff that makes the winter season magical.

At Illumi, the magic is being brought to the Montreal area by the same imaginative group that brought us Cavalia. This newest venture is being called Illumi, and not only does it promise to be the biggest village of lights in the world, it's also going to star the largest Christmas tree made of lights in the world, as well.

The tree will reach 47 metres tall and will be made up of over 28,000 tiny sparkling lights (which they note are also interactive... mysterious). This massive tree will sit right in the centre of the Christmas market, where there will be food vendors, merchants and artisans. 

With a tree of lights this tall, Montreal will essentially have its own Statue of Liberty, only made of lights and in the shape of a festive sapin.

The giant tree can be seen in the image below at the top right. The huge space is essentially made up of two parts, the Village of Lights and the Christmas Market.

The section to the left of the tree is the Village of Lights, also the largest in the world, featuring eight different and immersive sections to explore.

The illuminated village will reach 40,000 square metres, the size of 30 hockey rinks, all full of beautiful, twinkling LED lights that will transform Laval into a festive dream.

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The Christmas Market will host artisans and merchants so that you can get some of your Christmas shopping done while you explore the magical and festive experience.

Food vendors you can expect to see include a cabane à sucre, Chez Nancies, La Panthère Verte, Mignon Mtl, Promenade en raclette and more.

Of course, you'll want to make sure you want to leave enough time to explore the whole of Illumi, so dress warm and get there early... with the village, the market, and a hot chocolate next to the fire... you may never want to leave.

The crew is hard at work, right now, putting Illumi together so that we can begin to enjoy this magical world at the beginning of November. Full what, when, where all down below.

Illumi Village of Lights & Christmas Market

What: The largest village of lights and Christmas tree made of lights in the world.

When: November 1st - January 5th, 2019

Where: 2805 boulevard du Souvenir, Laval

Cost: $19.50 - 26.50 depending on age (student prices available).


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