Here's yet another tale in the tragic comedy that is Canadian airfare prices. It's now cheaper to fly to Bermuda than it is to fly to Ottawa from Montreal. Yeah. 

If that doesn't make any sense to you, let me explain. As of right now, Air Canada is having it's annual Big Summer Sale. This sale of epic proportions offers savings on flights in Canada, the U.S., and tropical island destinations. 

According to this sale, a one-way flight from Montreal to Ottawa will cost you a whopping $331 dollars! For a place that's literally a 45-minute flight away, you'll have to pay almost as much as a one-way flight to Honolulu ($326). Yikes.

Don't cry yet, Montrealers (pro tip: a bus to Ottawa is $25). Despite the usually exorbitant flight prices within Canada, flights out of the city to amazing destinations around the U.S. and Caribbean are extremely affordable. 

The title says it all. Instead of going to Ottawa, go to Bermuda! As part of Air Canada's Big Summer Sale, a one-way flight to this gorgeous island paradise is only $239 dollars! That's a mind-blowing price that rarely comes around and you can take advantage of it today! 

If the price doesn't convince you, let's compare the two destinations.

On one hand, you have Ottawa where you can check out Parliament Hill and smoke weed legally. Fun times, sure, but it's missing something. Oh yeah, how about white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters? Ottawa is nice but Bermuda is a veritable paradise.

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If you're not into Bermuda, you can drink a mojito in Cayo Coco, Cuba for only $294. Eat some tacos in Mexico City for only $261. Even hangout with influencers in the Cayman Islands for only $289. 

If tropical destinations aren't your jam, you should check out the U.S. deals!

Eat the best barbeque of your life in Austin, Texas for only $255. See the birthplace of the hipster, Portland, for only $256. Then, go party in New York City for only $176. 

Book your dream vacation today! Do it soon because the sale ends on July 18th!

To book your flight and see all the deals, check out Air Canada's official website.

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