It looks like sweet Summer has finally decided to grace us here in Montreal, because we've got a week of great weather ahead of us.

Not only was yesterday a great day to be outside in Montreal, but we've also got another week of sun and warmth to come, starting today and going right through until the weekend. 

In addition to sunny skies, the average temperature is going to be around 24°C meaning it's time to pull those shorts and t-shirts out! 

Based on The Weather Network's current 7-day forecast, we've got an all-star week ahead of us. There is a chance of showers on Wednesday and Thursday, but the POP is only 40%, so we might get lucky and avoid them altogether. 

And if it does rain, we're looking at around 1mm of precipitation, so I think we'll survive.

Plus, if you've got a garden in by now, this week is a perfect mix of sun and showers. So I'm pretty content that my veggies are going to be happy, too.

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The peak of the week is definitely Saturday, where it's going to be 26°C and feel like 28°C and give us an expected 12 whole hours of sun

So if you don't have park plans yet - you now have a week to make them, because the park is where you're going to want to be this weekend. If you don't already know, brush up on your drinking in parks rules here.

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, head down to Saint-Henri where there will be a huge summer street festival.

Or consider in one of the 28 most exciting things to do in Montreal this summer.

In fact, we've got a whole section on our page titled just that: Things To Do. We're here for you Montreal!

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