In Montreal it's pretty common to hear people complaining about the STM.

Yesterday,  3 of Montreal's STM metro were shut down simultaneously because of a pepper spray attack so you can bet that people were venting their frustrations.

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TL;DR The STM's puntucality rate is the lowest it's ever been in 17 years. 1 out of every 5 buses doesn't show up on time and the metro has had a record number of service interurptions. 

But even before this yesterday's incident, the STM reliability has been absolutely terrible. In fact, these last two years have been worse than ever before. 

In 2017 the STM had a record number of shut downs and the punctuality rate was below 80%, which is the lowest it has been in 17 years. In 2018 things weren’t much better; the STM beat the previous record of 1030 metro interruptions by the end of November alone!

When it comes to bus service things aren’t any better. This year the bus' reliability was the worse it has been since the 90's. So if you've been feeling like your bus never shows up on time, you're not crazy!

1 out of every 5 buses was either late or didn't show up. 

The most frustrating part of all this is that according to the STM the reason for all these problems are the passengers themselves. So basically it's your fault. 

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They claim that over half of the metro service interruptions are caused by passengers who hold open doors, get sick, or drop objects on the tracks. Their solution to fix the problem is to have more sensibilty campaigns like the "Conseils de Michelle" and handing out lanyards so people stop droping their phones.  

Bus delays are also apparently mostly our fault, but the blame is also being put on the rampant construction and terrible weather. Their solution here is to completely revamp the bus network schedule. 


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