Since the end of the 1970s, politicians have been debating extending the Société de transport de Montréal's (STM) blue line. Finally, after decades of debate, the Federal government has stepped in to provide funding for the blue line extension

A year ago, the former Provincial government under Phillipe Couillard announced that the extension of the blue line would be the next major project in the city of Montreal. Today, Ottawa, alongside the city of Montreal and the Quebec government announced an investment of $1.3 billion dollars for the blue line extension

According to the CBC, the investment will cover roughly a third of the total expected cost of the project. If there are any cost overages, Ottawa will not pay for them.

The investment falls under the "Investing in Canada" plan, which provides funding for major infrastructure projects. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was joined by Mayor Valérie Plante, Quebec Transport Minister Chantal Rouleau, and Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez in Saint-Michel to announce the blue line extension. 

Prime Minister Trudeau said that his government promised to invest in Canadian communities and this investment is proof of that. He also added that Montreal consistently delayed this project and that finally, he's happy to announce the allocation of funds.

Watch the MTLBlog video below for more information:

Valérie Plante added that the metro extension would be a great "social development" for the city and the eastern side of Montreal. 

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Minister Chantal Rouleau didn't announce how much the province would invest in the project. The federal contributions typically cover 40% of provincial infrastructure costs. 

According to the CBC, estimates indicate that the total project will cost close to $3 to $4.5 billion dollars. The Transport Minister cannot yet give a definite answer to the total cost of the project.

Along with the blue line extension, the project will include two bus terminals, a pedestrian tunnel, and a 1200 spot parking lot. 

The blue line extension will begin at Saint-Michel metro station and will comprise 5 new stations eastbound. The final metro stop will be near the Galeries d'Anjou mall. 

The project is set to be completed by 2026. Hopefully, the construction will happen in a prompt manner to avoid any debacles.

Though people are skeptical, the Prime Minister assured reporters that the project will begin in the next few months and be finished on time. 

Do you expect the blue line extension to be done on time? 

With Ottawa's investment, the provincial government has received a much-needed boost to get this project going. 

For more information on the STM's blue line extension, please read the STM's official press release. 

To read about Justin Trudeau's announcement, please visit CBC News


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