Police in Laval found a newborn in a shoebox yesterday around 12:30. They were alerted by a woman who found the child on her front steps.

Luckily, the infant is alive. The child is being closely monitored in a hospital at the time of writing, still in a critical condition.

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TL;DR A child was abandoned by their young mother yesterday afternoon in Laval. Police were alerted by a neighbour, who found the child on the front step of their porch. The mother is currently being held in custody, and the child is being closely monitored by hospital staff.

According to reports, an 18-year old gave birth to the child in her home. The young mother then put the infant in a shoebox and left the box on the porch of a neighbour.

The mother then took herself to the hospital, alone, to receive treatment.

The neighbour heard the child crying and called the police. According to police, the baby was left outside for at least two hours when the temperature was hovering around 7 degrees.

Police quickly took the child in. One agent reportedly took the baby in his arms to stimulate and warm her.

Charges have been pressed against the mother. Police officers have not yet met with her as she is currently being treated at the hospital.

The Journal de Montréal reports that the next 48 hours will determine the fate of the infant. She is being monitored closely at the hospital.


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