At a press conference on Wednesday, Premier François Legault begged Quebecers to "stay home." 

Driving the point home, Legault implored all Quebecers to respect health regulations and limit their contacts.

The premier's plea comes in the wake of an increase of hospitalizations across the province, which he said have doubled in the past two weeks. 

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That’s our goal right now, not to be popular but to save our health system.

Premier François Legault

900 new COVID-19 cases were added to the total in Quebec on Wednesday. The total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic is now 81,914.

Legault noted that if there's a continued increase in hospitalizations, the health care system could potentially be strained.

"Our health system is already fragile," he said.

"If we continue in the same way, there's a risk that we won't be able to treat every Quebecer that needs it," said Legault. 

"I'm convinced that we're capable [...] of breaking this second wave. It's not the time to be discouraged or to be negative. Have courage."

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