At a press conference on Monday morning, Premier François Legault said that he's worried about an increase in mental health problems in Quebec as a result of the pandemic.

The premier was speaking broadly about the state of mental health services in the province following the tragic stabbing incident that took place in Quebec City over the weekend, which left two people dead and several others injured. 

"We cannot understand how we could see such open violence," said Legault. 

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Even if we had all the [mental health] services [...] we could never avoid all violent incidents.

Premier François Legault

Legault mentioned that even though he would like to see more services offered to Quebecers with mental health issues, governments must be "realistic" and accept that not all problems will be solved. 

"I think today, Quebecers need to remember that we are a nation that's peaceful, welcoming," said Legault. 

"The best way to respond to what happened Saturday night is to stay ourselves." 

There's been some evidence of a growing mental health crisis in the province since the start of the pandemic, with both university studies and public health officials confirming some alarming statistics about the overall state of mental health. 

Despite his worries, Legault said that only a "small portion" of individuals with mental health issues turn to violence.

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