It has been less than a month since the Lime electric scooters were released in Montreal. It hasn't been an easy transition with the scooters being left randomly around the city, defaced, and even dumped into the Lachine Canal. 

But here they are. And as of now, they are here to stay. Though for how long, is an interesting question. 

But I digress. By law, Lime has two hours to pick up scooters that aren't deposited in set locations or they can face fines from the city. 

And that's where you come in. Since there are no docking stations, Lime is looking to hire "Juicers" to help recharge the e-scooters and/or return them to one of the 239 proper parking spots located around the city. 

Technically "Juicers" work as freelancers much like an Uber driver. Once you sign up (and are verified) and download the app you have access to see where the scooters that need to be picked up or recharged are located. 

Since you don't have to commit to set hours, this seemed like it could be a cool way to make some extra beer money. 

Ok, so can it actually be as easy as that? 

Once you're considered a "Juicer" you are able to reserve scooters you want to recharge and return through their GPS locating app. You have a 30-minute window to pick the scooter up. If you miss the window, you're screwed and won't be able to reserve again for that day. 

Once you've picked up the scooter you can bring it home to recharge (which can take upwards of four to six hours) or pick up another one.

The big question is how much it pays. According to the Lime website, "the more tasks you do the more money you make." The average payout starts at $4 a scooter. Payouts are made every 24 hours but they warn that the bank may hold the money for 2-3 business days. 

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Originally when you signed up you were sent four chargers (the scooters need a specific charger) for free. When I went through the application process I was immediately directed to a page to purchase the chargers for $15 each with a max of four.  

As a side note, it's already been a few days and I'm still waiting to hear back. Either they aren't very speedy or there's a lot of us thinking we could make some easy money. 

Lime isn't fairing too well with their "Juicers." In Paris they have already quit the program in favour of hiring a third party, while in San Diego, an impound company is taking legal action against Lime alledging two "Juicers broke into their warehouse to take back the bikes. 

It seems like a hit or miss job to make a few extra dollars with a lot of potential competition. But if you're walking around the city and don't expect it to pay your rent, you could still earn a few bucks here and there. 

If you're interested in signing up to become a "Juicer" you can apply through their website here

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