The Service de police de l'agglomération de Longueuil (SPAL) is looking for a man wanted in connection to a burglary and breaking-and-entering which occurred on September 28 in Saint-Lambert. 

The SPAL released security footage of the man today which shows him rummaging around someone's desk, looking for valuables. The SPAL hopes that the public can assist them with finding the mystery man as he's been on-the-loose for over a month. 

Security footage shows the man, who is wearing glasses, a jacket, and a t-shirt, hurriedly looking through the victim's desk drawers. Finding nothing he deemed valuable, the man instead took the victim's laptop. The man was wearing gloves, which makes fingerprint tracking him almost impossible. 

The man has still not been caught and it seems the police have no leads on the suspect. The SPAL is asking the public to come forward if anyone recognizes the man. 

Anyone with information can contact the SPAL at their information line at 450-646-8500.

A Youtube video (seen below) posted by the SPAL shows the man in the middle of his burglary.

The video clearly shows the man's face and features, including what he was wearing. For anyone who knows this man, it's clearly evident who he is. 

As mentioned, the man was wearing gloves while committing his crime, which makes finding him that much more difficult.

Though the dastardly villain was caught on video, the SPAL has their work cut out for them. If anyone knows this man, please reach out. 

He's not a young man, though. He looks to be roughly in his late 40s or 50s. There's no indication of a motive.

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For more information, people can consult the SPAL's social media accounts. 

If you recognize the man, please call the SPAL's information line at 450-646-8500.

Do you know this man? He should be easily recognizable if you do! Make sure to call the SPAL if you have any leads on who he could be.

Visit the SPAL's website or call them at 450-646-8500 for more information. 

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