This morning, the Service de police de l'agglomération de Longueuil (SPAL) released security camera footage showing a man suspected of stealing from many cars over the span of a few days in early August. From August 1st to August 3rd, the criminal stole from vehicles in the M to L sectors of Brossard. 

Security camera footage shows the same man steal from over 20 cars in the area. In the video, the man is seen rummaging around a Range Rover and then moves on to what looks to be a Mercedes. All crimes are the work of the same man, according to police reports

There are no reports as to what exactly the man stole or what he was looking for, but judging from the video, he was stealing from luxury vehicles. Though the video is blurry, it appears the man was wearing a backpack and a gym bag, a light-coloured shirt, dark shorts, dark sneakers, and a mask. 

Since these incidents, no serial car theft of this nature has been reported in the muncipality of Brossard. Police are hoping that anyone with information about these crimes come forward.

If anyone has information about this crime or recognizes the accused man, please contact the SPAL at 450-463-7211.

Check out the video below:

As you can see, the man sneaks around a white Range Rover sport utility vehicle. He's vaguely seen putting things in his gym bag. 

Unfortunately, the video is blurry and doesn't show much detail. Once he's done with the Range Rover, he moves on to the Mercedes next to it. 

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The man at first cautiously leaves the Range Rover and heads to the Mercedes. He clearly knows there's a camera because he's wearing a mask of some sort that obscures his face. 

Carefully reaching for the door, he finds it unlocked. This is a good time to remind people to lock your car doors, even if they're in your driveway! 

He enters the car, looks around and seems to find nothing of interest. He flees the scene as fast as he appeared. 

If you recognize this man, please contact the SPAL authorities.

I'm sure Brossard residents will be double-checking if they've locked their cars tonight! 

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