Here's another list of the top universities in the world. The U.S. News & World Report just released its official Best Global Universities rankings for the sixth year in a row. Five Montreal schools managed to make the list, but depending on what school you're attending, you might not want to write home to mom about it yet. 

The list is comprised of the top 1,500 schools in 81 countries and focuses specifically on overall academic research and reputation. Rankings are based on 13 key points including topics like global and regional research reputation (because reputation is everything), total citations, publications, and impact factors. 

So how did Montreal stack up overall? Good and not so good. For the English language universities, McGill had the highest ranking for any Montreal institution, coming in at a very respectable number 49.

The two main French language schools, Université de Montréal (139) and Université du Québec à Montréal (581), also made the list.

But way, way down that list at spot 671 sits Concordia University. What happened to you, Concordia? Weren't you just ranked as the best "new" university in Canada?

Also included was the engineering school, École de Technologie Superieure which came in even lower at spot number 1189. 

While not all the rankings were great, its good to note that all four of our main universities ranked globally.

Each school was given an overall global score as well as numerical ranks (on the right) for the 13 key points. You can also dig deeper and look at each individual field of study to see where each school ranks comparatively. 

McGill ranked highest for Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems (17) and Neuroscience and Behaviour (19). 

Concordia, on the other hand, had fewer subject rankings. Their highest being for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (130), and Arts and Humanities (153).

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The top five Canadian universities were represented by Ontario, B.C., Quebec, and Alberta — with two Montreal schools making the list. Yay.

But the University of Toronto beat everyone out with a global rank of 18 overall. The West Coast fared pretty well too with the University of British Columbia coming in at number 30. 

Of universities worldwide, eight spots were from the U.S. Does it really come as any surprise that the number one and two spots were given to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)?

To see the full list of the Best Global Universities Rankings, head over to U.S. News. If you want a little more insight into the ranking methodology, check it out here.

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