Michelle Pfeiffer is filming her new movie, French Exit, in Montreal and it is safe to say that she is fitting into the city quite nicely. Not only is she posting gloomy photos, but she has been spotted wearing an over-sized jacket and UGGs — which captures literally all of our moods right now during this unusually wintry November. The actress was seen sporting red hair, likely for her role, stepping out onto our decrepit sidewalks in comfy sweats and the ever-popular UGG.

It's unclear if this was a costume for her role or an outfit for her transit to set, but either way, it's very Montreal.

Her look is pretty much everyone in Montreal going for coffee in November. The icon is painfully relatable in these photos and it makes me wonder if there is truly a chance we could become friends?

Okay, so maybe I am dreaming a little too big here, but I am really excited to see French Exit. The film is based on the 2018 novel by Patrick deWitt, who is also responsible for adapting the screenplay.

The movie is about a woman, who believes that her dead husbands' spirit has taken over her cat. With her financial inheritance depleting, she moves to Paris with her son, played by Lucas Hedges, and her cat.

The glorious photo below was published by ET Canada.

Pfeiffer posted the sad image below to her Instagram story on November 20. It definitely well represents the current mood in the city.

From the looks of her post, she seems to have been near the railyards in Pointe-St-Charles at the corner of Wellington and Bridge, but it's also possible she was near the port in the East End.

This wasn't the first time Pfeiffer posted a dreary photo of the city or even showed herself in sweats.

Last weekend, she posted a photo posing with the now-famous mural of Leonard Cohen, of whom she is a big fan.

There are a ton of movies being filmed in Montreal throughout the winter, bringing with them a handful of American celebrities. But we're especially thrilled that Pfeiffer seems to be enjoying her time here.

If you are lucky enough to spot this superstar in the flesh, let us know — though, of course, always respect her work and her privacy! Remember, she now has red hair and a love for UGGs!

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