• Montreal received quite a downpour last night, with intense rain that lasted hours.
  • The torrent eventually flooded several streets including Montreal's Autoroute 20, which was closed in both directions for several hours.
  • Check out some of these unreal photos and videos of the whole ordeal below.

An intense rain ruined more than your Tuesday plans, yesterday, as Montreal's Auroroute 20 was flooded and several other regions around Montreal inevitably felt the water rising.

Several roads were eventually closed because of the backlog of water, including, in particular, the Autoroute 20 near the Turcot interchange, where both directions of the highway were closed to all traffic until close to 2 o'clock in the morning.

The rain began in the afternoon and continued with force into the evening, causing the highway to look something like a fountain or a pool. 

The A-20 was closed from Route 138 to the Lachine Canal, according to TVA Nouvelles, and Transport Quebec was required to set up a detour to re-route cars.

Some cars even managed to get completely stuck in the massive pool of water, after they were unable to keep driving through the accumulating water under an overpass on the A-20.

According to CJAD News, the neighbourhoods worst impacted were Hochelaga, St-Leonard and St-Laurent.

In addition to the closure of the Autoroute 20, boulevard Hochelaga was also closed between l'Assomption and Bennett, also due to flooding.

As if Quebec didn't deal with enough flooding this year, apparently one day of rain has the ability to totally paralyze certain areas.

The picture above was taken in St-Henri, another area that regularly faces flooding in Montreal.

The video below from Instagram user @anthonydthebeat92.5 also shows the extent of flooding in some Montreal areas.

While flooding that happened earlier this year, in the spring, was mostly due to seasonal melting of snow, this has proved that a couple hours of non-stop rain also has the ability to put our city into a precarious situation.

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Below are tweets sent out by Quebec 511, a fantastic account to keep track of traffic around the province.

You can see they tweeted just after midnight last night indicating that both directions of the A20 were closed due to flooding

Translation: Closure #A20 to the top of Angrignon, direction WEST and EAST, Montreal. Flood.

Translation: Closure of 3 lanes out of 6 #A20 to the top of Angrignon, direction WEST, Montreal. Flood.

Then, about an hour later, they were able to update that the A-20 eastbound was re-opened, along with three of the six lanes westbound. 

Even outside of Montreal people were feeling the flooding...

This video was taken in Greenfield Park, in the borough of Longueuil. 

And this video was taken by an MTL Blog reader, Maami Rodriguez, while she was a passenger driving along on the Autoroute 20 headed east. 

Did you feel the effects of the storm yesterday? Several businesses and residences faced flooding as well, so stay safe out there.

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in Montreal, send us a message, photo, or video @MTLBlog on Twitter and Instagram.

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