Greta Thunberg is in Montreal to participate in a climate strike that is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people. Before the strike got underway, Thunberg took a few minutes to deliver brief remarks and answer reporters' questions.

In her short "unprepared" speech, she said that she is looking forward to the historic demonstration and is thrilled to see turnout in cities around the world.

But it was her answer to a question from Alexandre Shields of Le Devoir that perhaps attracted the most attention. Asked what her message is for Justin Trudeau, who, controversially, is participating in the march despite what some consider a questionable environmental record, the young activist said that though she "tries not to focus on individuals" but on a "whole picture," she feels that "of course [Trudeau] is not doing enough."

He shares blame, she clarified, with leaders in countries around the world, to whom her message is the same: "just listen and act" on the most "current" and "best" science.

"It's easier to blame someone," she said, than a "broken system."

Asked by another reporter why she believe men in powerful positions, like Donald Trump, try to silence her, she said that she takes their attempts "as a compliment" and a sign that what she has to say is important.

Thunberg also received welcome from First Nations leaders and local activists.

The Montreal climate strike begins at 12:00 p.m. at the Sir George-Étinne Cartier monument on ave. du Parc.

For more information on the strike, refer to our article here.


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