• The metro is free today for the Montreal climate strike and it seems protestors are, encouragingly, taking full advantage.
  • Photos posted to social media show that the orange line is packed with demonstrators still pouring into the downtown area.

If you're planning on going downtown at any point today for the Montreal climate strike, be advised that you're going to have a difficult time on the metro. And you can certainly forget about attempting to drive.

Hundreds of thousands of people are pouring into the streets of Montreal for the protest and their chief method of transportation is the metro.

Since the STM is free all day long, many protestors are taking advantage of the metro system to ferry them to the march. Many people who weren't there at the start of the protest are joining the march as it snakes its way through city streets. 

As you can imagine, the scene in the metros is jam-packed and anxiety-inducing. Though the atmosphere is jovial due to the context of the event, those who are a little claustrophobic will want to avoid the metro at all costs. 

Demonstrators gathered at the Sir George-Étienne Cartier monument as early at 8 a.n. this morning in preparation for the climate march that'll make its way from the mountain to a still unspecified final destination. 

So, be prepared to feel like a sardine before taking the metro today!

Early this morning, Montreal police outlined which areas of the city will be most affected. From Peel to Berri and Saint-Joseph to de la Commune, basically, the entirety of downtown Montreal will be gridlocked. 

The STM also released an outline of the closest metro stations and where they estimate the parade route will end.

According to witness reports, the main metros to avoid are Mont-Royal, Sherbrooke, and Berri-UQAM stations on the orange line. 

Though crowded, there are no reports of any violence or trouble. People in the crowd are happy and in good spirits, anticipating joining the climate march. 

Along with free metros, BIXI service is also free today. Maybe opt for taking a free BIXI instead of riding the metro to get downtown?

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Some climate protestors can't wait to get off the metro and have taken out their signs for their own personal protest. 

Reports even indicate that protestors have begun organizing and chanting and even marching as they leave the station. 

And Berri-UQAM, though always jam-packed, is especially overrun today. 

If you're claustrophobic (even agoraphobic, I guess), maybe just avoid going anywhere today!

If you have pictures or videos of Montreal's climate protest be sure to tag us or send them to @MTLBlog on Instagram or Twitter



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