Christmas season brings more than just snow and good cheer: it also means four free days of Exo trains to get yourself in and out of Montreal from les banlieues! Just like last year, you'll be able to enjoy free rides on the commuter trains that serve Montreal and the surrounding areas, making it easier than ever to be home for the holidays.

You can also expect an altered train schedule for these train lines during the free days of the festive season. The train lines that will see the free rides include Saint-Jérôme, Deux-Montagnes, and Vaudreuil–Hudson. 

People who need to take the Exo3 Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Exo4 Candiac, and Exo5 Mascouche to go see the in-laws aren't as lucky, however, as they do not run on the weekends and won't see the free rides this holiday season. 

According to an Exo press release,* those riders who would need the Exo 4, 5 or 6 lines to get home for the holidays are invited to take the bus instead. But don't worry, a bunch of bus lines are free, too. 

The free days are the ones that matter most, December 24 and 25, so that you can be home for Christmas Eve dinner, and December 31 and January 1, so you can roll on back home after your New Years' Eve hangover. 

The schedule is expected to be released early next week, on October 28, so you can really plan your trip. 

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To find out if your bus line is free during this holiday season, head to the Exo website here, where they list the bus lines that are free and what their schedules are.

The line Exo6 Deux Montagnes will be included in the free rides for les fêtes, but starting January 6, 2020 the line will be closed between Gare Centrale and Du Ruisseau until 2023. For details on alternative routes, check out the Exo website here.

So while it seems a little far off now, the Christmas season is quickly approaching and we know that every little bit helps when you've just spent your last dime on presents.

For full details and to keep up with the work they're doing to keep people around Montreal moving every day, head to the Exo website here.

FREE Exo Trains For The Holidays

What: Free rides on the Vaudreuil-Hudson, Saint-Jérôme, and Deux-Montagnes lines.

When: December 24– 25 and December 31 – January 1

*This article has been updated.

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