Sécurité Incendie Montréal (SIM) has been battling a fire since about 12:20 this afternoon. According to the latest information, the fire is raging in a residential building on ave. Barclay between rues Victoria and Lavoie in Montreal's Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood.

The fire department has rung a second alarm, making this blaze a two-alarm fire. A resident captured the impressive fire on camera earlier today. The video shows dozens of firemen in front of an apartment building.

People are asked to avoid the area to allow the fire department to continue their intervention.

The first alarm rang at around 12:20 this afternoon. The SIM stated in a Tweet that a building on Barclay and Victoria was on fire, and that residents nearby may experience a temporary power cut.

The second alarm rang just minutes later, at 12:21. The SIM is asking residents nearby to avoid the area. This is as much a safety precaution as it is a necessity to allow emergency vehicles to move freely.

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As of right now it is unclear whether or not anybody was hurt in the fire. The cause of the fire is also unknown.

A video sent to MTLBlog by Facebook user Shiju P Ipe shows the extent of the fire. From the front of the building we can see smoke billowing out of the second-story window.

On the building's side, we can see flames shooting out of an open window on the second floor.

A number of concerned people, presumably residents of the building, are watching the proceedings from the other side of the street.

Dozens of firemen and at least two firetrucks are on the scene to fight the fire.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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