Sécurité incendie MTL (the Montreal Fire Department) warned of a gas leak on the corner of Avenue de Vimy and Avenue Lajoie. The gas leak began at around 11:30 this morning, according to the Montreal Fire department.

The fire department is warning that electricity in the area may be cut out temporarily. An eyewitness told MTLBlog that a school was subsequently evacuated but a city of Montreal spokesperson confirms that children are in school.

The SIM sent out news of the gas leak on Twitter and asked residents to avoid the area.

The gas leak is taking place in the Outremont area of Montreal. From the map below we can see that the gas leak is near several schools and other institutions.

The intersection is also near Edouard-Montpetit metro station.

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The video below was submitted to MTLBlog. It shows fire trucks and firefighters on the scene

The person who submitted this video stated that a nearby school was shuffling children out of the building. But the city of Montreal confirms that the children are back in class. There is currently heavy traffic in the area as streets are closed off, especially around Vanhorne and Deacon.

The SIM tweeted around 12:20 that their intervention was under control.

We reached out to the SIM to learn more about their intervention and the cause of the leak, but they have not yet commented. We will update this article if more information becomes available.

UPDATE: The city of Montreal confirms that the children in nearby schools are in class.

A gas leak, which began at around 8:30 this morning, led to an alleged evacuation of a school. Firemen declared their operation to be under control a few hours later, around 8:20.

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