As COVID-19 panic starts to spread around Montreal, people who are worried about being out in public too much might be turning to food delivery services for their daily meals. But, of course, the exchange of food presents risks for both customers and deliverers. We have many delivery services here in the city and MTL Blog wanted to find out exactly what these companies are doing to protect you and its drivers from potentially contracting the novel coronavirus. 

In addition to "closely monitoring the situation," it turns out these companies are primarily encouraging prudence.

Before you decide to stock up on a year's supply of potatoes, keep in mind that its highly unlikely that you'll contract COVID-19 through a delivery driver. 

Because of panic, food delivery services will potentially see a huge increase in business. It's estimated that over 30% of Americans don't plan on leaving the house because of COVID-19 fears. 

MTL Blog reached out to three main players in Montreal food delivery: Uber Eats, Foodora, and Skip the Dishes, to find out more about what's being done to keep customers safe from the novel coronavirus.

Uber Eats

An Uber Eats spokesperson tells MTL Blog that, "safety is essential to Uber and it’s at the heart of everything we do. In response to the ongoing spread of coronavirus, we’ve reminded Uber Eats users that they can request deliveries be left on their doorsteps."

"We’re simultaneously at work on new product features to make this process even smoother, which we hope will be helpful to everyone on the platform in the coming weeks." 

Though contactless delivery was always an option, Uber Eats stresses that it's the best option for those who are worried about coming into contact with another person.


Similar to Uber Eats, Foodora's spokesperson tells MTL Blog that they are taking steps to mitigate the potential spread of the virus. 

In an official statement, Foodora says that "we have put precautionary measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, partners and customers alike."

"Foodora has set up a dedicated committee that is in charge of streamlining instructions and implementing processes to ensure the health and safety of our internal and external stakeholders."

"Our teams have already issued a series of informed measures, including work-travel restrictions to affected regions and a work-from-home policy for those who’ve travelled recently to areas with outbreaks."

"If customers prefer a low-contact delivery, such as "please leave my order outside by door" or "ring my buzzer and leave my order in the lobby," riders have been informed of this option + have been asked to respect any directions provided by the customer."

Skip the Dishes

A spokesperson for the company gave us a similar statement. It's unclear if Skip the Dishes will put more measures in place. 

"The health and safety of our network is of utmost priority. We have shared the resources of the Canadian government and the World Health Organization on our website for customers, restaurant partners, and couriers. We will continue to monitor the situation closely," they say. 

To find out more about what Quebec is doing to stop the spread of COVID-19, visit the Ministry of Health's official website. 

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