It's looking like it might snow on Halloween in Montreal, so whatever sexy costume you had in mind might now need a remix. Montreal's Halloween weather forecast will definitely be chilly, but with precipitation in the cards, we could be getting some frightful flurries this Halloween night, too.

While, of course, we've all lived through the days of gearing up with a puffy snowsuit underneath our sleek and stunning Sailor Moon costume, actually having snow seems... a little aggressive.

But, that is what several sources are now claiming may be what's coming to Montreal, as well as a couple other areas across Canada.

The cold temperatures and snow are going to be hitting Alberta and the Prairies first, so Southern Quebec will actually be seeing some pretty average, above 10°C temperatures for the next week or so.

But, by Wednesday, the union of warm and cold air in Ontario and Quebec could result in some significant precipitation. That, paired with rapidly dropping temperatures, means we could be seeing snow this spooky season.

Take a look at the radar forecast below, plus see what Environment Canada had to say about the possibility of snowy trick or treating.

The video below, featuring Weather Network meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal, indicates that a dip in the jet stream east of the Rocky Mountains is likely to bring in some cold air east as we move into next week and the beginning of November.

As you can see in the forecast radar, here in Montreal, we're going to be seeing rain on Sunday and Monday with temperatures lingering above 10°. 

Meanwhile, the Prairies are seeing snow and temperatures just below zero degrees.

As the cold air continues to move east on Tuesday and Wednesday, it will collide with the warm air in southeastern Ontario and Quebec, where then a storm is likely to develop.

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As Whittal explains, "that dividing line could basically mean a storm, so where we see that boundary we could be talking about a big storm bringing rain, snow, especially for Northern Ontario, and then even some lake-effect snow for Halloween."

Environment Canada meteorologist Simon Legault explained to us that, "several models show some precipitation on the second-half of next week. Is it gonna be on the 30th, Halloween or the 1st? Too soon to say. After that system, [the temperature] will be dropping quite a bit. Hard to say for now if it’s gonna be a rainy or cold Halloween night, and some snow is not even out of question (not much though)!"

Like I said above, none of us are strangers to bundling up under our costumes, so just think of it as an extra addition to the Halloween festivities.

Plus, if you haven't thought of a costume yet, now you can incorporate something super warm and be lightyears ahead of everyone else. 

Just, avoid these offensive ones, ya?

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