Montreal is officially in the throes of its first snowstorm of 2019 - and it's been a good one. We are officially colder than the North Pole and we can expect to see at least 25 centimetres of snow on the ground by tomorrow.

Below are 25 pics and videos of Montrealers totally owning the snowstorm - including two guys snowboarding through the city!

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TL;DR Montreal was hit with its first snowstorm of 2019 and it has been epic. Dudes have been snowboarding in the streets, kids have been hitting the hills to toboggan and everyone across Montreal has embraced the snowpocalypse... because that's what we do best. Here are 25 pictures and videos that prove just how tough Montreal is... 

Apologies to anyone that had to do extensive driving or moving around the city today, I'm sure it was hell and I feel for you.

I actually enjoyed an excursion into the storm, today, and it was sweet.

Luckily, I didn't have far to go or much to accomplish, so I was able to just bask in the absurdity of an urban snowstorm.

What is in us as humans that is just like, "Screw it, I'm going to get bread," a then we wander out into a frozen wasteland.

Like, look at this woman. How old is she?

Honestly, I think it's amazing. And I think Canadians really bond over the shared experience of thriving and surviving against but also with the odds.

It wouldn't be Montreal without the impossible amount of snow!

Plus, snowstorms provide the opportunity to capitalize on staying indoors, getting really snuggy and watching Netflix in bed all friggin day.

But if you have to go out, even for something small, it honestly can be so fun to be out in the snow making the best of losing feeling in your cheeks.

It can be pretty scary to drive with such little visibility and all that slippery stuff beneath your wheels.

But walking through a snowstorm is like being on another planet.

Everyone has their head down and is on a mission - but we're also totally commiserating with every human we see.

We're all in it together and we've all be there before.

But, as I mentioned above, foot travel is pretty much the only way to go when the weather gets this bad.

Driving is a recipe for disaster and also seems like such a hassle when you consider how many buried vehicles there are lining the streets of Montreal

I had a car when I moved to Montreal and sold it immediately before my first snowfall here.

Without a parking space, I knew parking on the street with the snow and the plows was bound to be hell.

And if the people I saw attempting to dig themselves off Edouard-Montpetit this morning were any indication, I made the right call.

With our pretty stellar metro system, if you live and work within the city there's really no reason to bother with a car.

@pacificrimtrailembedded via  

Though your bike becomes pretty useless at this time of year, that's for sure...

Not sure why buddy above didn't bring their bike inside but it sure makes for a great photo.

Another great photo, if I do say so myself...  Yes, this is my bedroom window this afternoon.

Can't wait to see if we have any window left tomorrow morning.

If you haven't ventured out today, I suggest taking the opportunity of doing it leisurely, while you still can.

@anotherdayinmontrealembedded via  

Cause soon it will be Monday, and truding through the snow when you're on your way to work is way less fun than if you're on a mission to go toboganning.


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