People are always saying that the Montreal underground metro system is limited and that this city could use more stations to reach specific areas of town. Well, those people are going to have their wish come true because a new above ground transit system is currently being developed in the Montreal and greater Montreal area called the REM Train.

This is the largest public transit project in the entire province of Quebec's history. The brand-new electric "light-rail" commuter train network will consist of 26 stations spanning approximately 67-kilometers. 

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TL;DR The construction of the REM Train's McGill station is currently in phase two: the digging of a brand-new pedestrian tunnel in the heart of downtown which will connect the Metro system to the new REM station.

Construction officially began in mid-April 2018 and has been underway ever since.

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You may already be spotting the bright neon green posters all over downtown around the construction site for the McGill station.

The construction of the McGill station is currently in phase two: the digging of a brand-new pedestrian tunnel.

Workers are currently building this new pedestrian tunnel that will connect the city’s Metro system to the new REM station.

This should be exciting news for people who work and commute downtown, however, there will be a lot of headache before Montrealers ca reap the benefits of the new tunnel and rail network.

It seems like the construction of the stations and tunnel itself is resulting in major inconveniences for downtown commuters.

De Maisonneuve Boulevard between Robert-Bourassa Boulevard and McGill College Avenue is reduced to one lane for vehicles and only one side of the street is accessible to pedestrians.

The construction of phase two is intended to last until spring, and then the building of the actual station will start.

 The REM train is projected to be up-and-running by only 2023.


More REM Train updates to come!



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