With news of climate emergencies, pipelines, and rampant food waste, it's hard to find something to celebrate. As much as we try to live a low-carbon life, it tends to be quite difficult on an individual basis. 

When you're out and about, it's even harder to be conscious of your consumption. Even if you're hyper-aware of your food waste, you're never sure of the policies in whatever restaurant or bar you're going to. Restaurants and bars are some of the biggest culprits of food waste, after all.

Montreal, with its thousands of bars and restaurants, surprisingly doesn't have a zero-waste establishment. Until now!

Opening soon in the Mile End neighbourhood, Le Cale is Montreal's first-ever zero-waste pub!

Slated to open sometime during this year, Le Cale is committed to operating with a zero-waste policy for all its products. From local craft beer to the food, everything you'll see at Le Cale is guaranteed to be zero-waste!

The troubling reality is that Canadians throw away over half the food they purchase. Food that is otherwise perfectly edible is indiscriminately tossed out by large grocery stores and the thousands of restaurants and bars that operate in the city. 

Le Cale takes aim at this very real issue and the team behind the pub has dedicated themselves to providing a seamless experience with absolutely no waste. 

The team behind Le Cale has been working on this project for quite some time and finally, their dream is coming to fruition. Each member brings with them a diverse background of music, art, food, and business.

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Le Cale will also be a hub for artists, musicians, comedians, and writers. Along with the pub, Le Cale will feature a stage where themed events will happen every night.

This is great news for the creative community in Montreal as spaces where people can express and showcase their work are dwindling rapidly. 

The pub will feature local craft beers exclusively and will have a selection of seasonal cocktails, lovingly crafted by expert bartenders. Small bites will also be a prominently featured.

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Le Cale is located at 6839 rue St-Hubert and is set to open very soon! 

Are you super excited about Montreal's first-ever zero-waste pub?

Everything you need to know:

What: Le Cale Zero-Waste Pub

Where: 6839 rue St. Hubert

When: Opening TBA!

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