Though some of you might be too young to remember video games in the 90s, those who lived through it have fond memories of blowing into cartridges and mashing the 'A' button. That unmistakable click of the cartridge and whirring of the fan meant that you're in for hours of fun. 

Before buying games was as easy as a download on Playstation Plus+, kids would have to hike to their nearest E.B. Games and purchase exorbitantly priced games with arguably garbage graphics. Despite the era's technological limitations, the 90s gave us some of the best games ever.

From classics like Super Mario and Final Fantasy to The Legend of Zelda and Resident Evil, the 90s gave us many of the video game series and inspirations we still see today. If you've ever wanted to play these classic video games and never have before, this weekend is your chance!

High Score Con is returning to Montreal this Sunday, July 28th! As the city's premier vintage video game festival, High Score Con is rife with video games and video game-related merchandise. Local indie video game companies will also be showcasing their latest creations!

Sponsored by Retro Expo Montreal, Otakuthon, and Franklin Armstrong, this year's edition of High Score Con will be celebrating Detective Pickachu and will heavily feature video games from the Pokemon series. 

Fans of vintage video games can revisit their childhood memories as there will be hundreds of 90s-era video games available.

Those who have never played or seen video games from that era are in for a treat! Put away the Fortnite for a day and come experience what real gaming is all about! 

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High Score Con also features vendor booths that will be selling toys, video games, and other related merchandise.

Though Pokemon will be the star of the show, there will be hundreds of other favourites on display such as Bandai, Nintendo, Gunpla, and many more! 

High Score Con is happening this Sunday, July 28th at Hotel Ruby Foo's! Admission is only $5! If you arrive early, you can get an exclusive free gift!

Don't miss out, gamers! 

High Score Con is the can't-miss event of the summer! 

High Score Con Montreal 

WHAT: High Score Con is Montreal's premier vintage video game and toy expo!

WHERE: Hotel Ruby Foo's (7655 Décarie)

WHEN: Sunday, July 28th, 2019

HOW MUCH: $5 General Admission || $10 Early Bird with Free Gift

Check out the Facebook event here!


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