If you've walked around the city at all in the last two days, you may have noticed a strange new sight: bright orange bikes parked throughout the city.

These bikes, dubbed JUMP bikes, are UBER's newest project. The electric bikes can be found throughout the city. Just connect through your Uber app and hop on.

The bikes are hailed as an easier way to bike around the city, thanks to it electric motor that helps you along. The bikes will be available to ride until late September.

The way you would rent these bikes is quite similar to the way you would order an Uber car. Find a bike on the app, and get a code to unlock the bike.

Once you've unlocked the bike, you'll be paying $0.30 per minute. When you've gotten to where you need to go, you can just lock up the bike on any public bike stand and be on your way.

Take a look at the video below to see our very own Alex Melki test out the bikes.

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These bikes are in direct competition with other bike/scooter sharing options like BIXI and Lime. However, JUMP bikes are significantly more expensive than BIXIS.

Whereas BIXI charges you $3.25 for a half-hour ride if you don't have a membership, a JUMP bike would cost you $9.00. That's a pretty steep price difference. They also do not have a monthly or yearly membership.

However, unlike BIXI, you can lock up JUMP bikes at no cost for up to an hour while you run some errands. So you can be assured that when you go into a store your bike will be waiting for you when you get out.

Because JUMP bikes only charge for minutes that you are riding, it could be a good choice if you've only got a 10-minute trip, as it would come to $3.00, whereas BIXI's lowest fare is $3.25.

Their other selling point is that the bike is electric, which means that navigating the steep Montreal hills is about to get significantly easier. The bikes can reach speeds of 32 km/h.

You can find JUMP bikes in nine boroughs across the city using your Uber app.

For more information about the bikes, click here to go to the Uber website.

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