What is it about boys and summer? As soon as they get in their car, they can't help but turn the music up too loud and let their foot hit the pedal too hard.

Okay, that's oversimplifying the issue... everyone does this, not just boys. But it really does seem to be a trend these days, considering just two days we wrote about a driver getting a $1,600 ticket for going nearly double the speed limit.

Now, all eyes are on Benoit Dorais, the right-hand man of Mayor Valerie Plante and head of finance and legal affairs and president of her executive committee.

The Journal de Montreal reports that they found out Dorais was travelling 171 km/h when he was pulled over by the Sûreté du Québec at 11:38 PM on April 21st, 2018.

Dorais was travelling on the Autoroute 35 in Montregie where the speed limit is 100 km/h meaning he was travelling a whopping 71 km/h over the speed limit. For this reason, his license was immediately suspended roadside. 

The license suspension lasted seven days, as per The Highway Safety Code. This was Dorais' first offence for such a significant disregard for the speed limit. The Journal de Montreal didn't detail how exactly Dorai managed to get home that night when his Buick Encore SUV was taken from him.

He also suffered 14 demerit points... just one less than the maximum that would cause a 30-day license suspension and surrender.  

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When speaking with the Journal de Montreal, Dorais admitted he had made a mistake, though he made no indication if he was going to plead guilty or not. 

Below is an image from Dorais' Instagram feed, a SidLee PSA campaign to encourage drivers to stop texting while driving. 

They also note that the worst ticket ever received in Quebec was for $2,925, when a driver was caught going 220 km/h. Just this March, a driver was caught going 200 km/h and received a ticket of $2,141.

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