As all pet owners already know, there are many obligations and responsibilities that come with owning an animal. From your dog wearing the proper collar to microchipping your cat, Montreal has many regulations that pet owners must follow. 

One of the more controversial regulations coming out of city hall is the mandatory sterilization and microchipping of all dogs, cats, and rabbits six months or older by January 1st, 2020. In Laval, this regulation has been in effect since January 1st, 2018

There's already a petition circulating online, demanding that the city of Montreal delay the deadline by at least one year in order to "further research, review and publish a comprehensive study" on the effects of mass animal sterilization.

The petition has gained 18 of the needed 100 signatures at the time of writing. Ashbeel John, who initiated the petition, asks why the city isn't focusing on "prioritizing education for our citizens to form better, deeper relationships with our companions."

He also requests a team of volunteers and experts to come up with alternative solutions. According to the city of Montreal, spaying and neutering animals helps "curb overpopulation and limit the number of unwanted offspring. It also prevents a great many euthanasias." 

The author of the petition mentions that there needs to be an unbiased study on the advantages and disadvantages of neutering. Although, they do admit that "not a single disadvantage has been identified for this mass sterilization."

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The SPCA Montreal takes the position that all animals benefit from being neutered.

According to them, it's the "caring option" because it provides numerous health and social benefits for your animal. 

Mandatory microchipping is also a mandate of this regulation. Microchipping "is a permanent method of identifying the owner of a lost pet so that he or she can be contacted." 

The petition, however, only demands that the city delay the date for mandatory sterilization.

It's unclear how successful they'll be in getting it through. A lot, if not most, pet owners see the benefits of spaying and neutering.

As the petition says, perhaps more research is needed.

The petition is visible on

For more information about the rules and regulations of having a pet in Montreal, please visit the city's official website.  

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