At 9:40am Thursday, the SPVM received a call regarding an alleged assault in Montreal at the corner of rue Mayor and rue des City Councillors, a section of the downtown with narrow, one-way streets.

According to an SPVM spokesperson, a collision between a biker and a diver led to a an aggressive confrontation when the biker attempted to grab the driver's phone when she began to record him.

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TL;DR The SPVM is collecting information on an alleged assault that occurred in downtown Montreal involving a biker and driver. 

The biker then allegedly picked up his bike and repeatedly threw it against the car before fleeing the scene. It was right before he fled that the driver snapped this photo.

Via kingkaynen

The SPVM spokesperson tells MTLBlog that several eye-witnesses have also recounted these details. He says the biker also attempted to "hit" her.

The police are investigating and in the process of compiling footage, verifying information, and tracking down the biker. 

If, indeed, the biker did commit these acts, he could face charges that range from mischief to assault with a weapon, according to the police.

The driver's husband also reached out to MTLBlog to share that his wife is "shocked, traumatized, and scared" in the aftermath of the confrontation.

The biker was last seen on rue Ste-Catherine. Anyone with any information should contact the SPVM at 514-393-1133.

The SPVM says there are sure to be updates as the investigation progresses.

Stay tuned.


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