According to news and eye-witness reports, Montreal police are in the process of breaking up a downtown protest against police brutality.

According to CTV, hundreds of protestors proceeded to march from Norman Bethune Square near Concordia University. Their aim is to call attention to the undue police force deployed against minority communities, the CTV News report continues.

When some protestors began to use firecrackers, the police issued warnings to cease illegal activity.

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TLDR: Montreal police are intervening to end a downtown protest against police brutality after reports that some protesters began to engage in illegal activity.

According to an eye-witness testimony submitted to MTLBlog, protestors also began to throw items and "smash cars."

Now, it seems a police intervention is ongoing. According to the same eye-witness report, several police cruisers have rushed down downtown streets toward the protest.

Police are also asking the public to avoid part of the downtown area:

A video posted to Twitter from the scene shows what appears to be an arrest:

This protest against police brutality falls on the same day that tens of thousands of Quebec students protested inadequate environmental policy.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates. 

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