• Montreal police are appealing to the public to help identify alleged arsonists caught on video setting a Montreal shop on fire.
  • In the video, the quick-acting fiends repeatedly slip on their own gasoline.
  • Anyone with information on the identity of the suspects should contact the SPVM.

Montreal police (SPVM) are appealing to the public to help identify two arson suspects who broke into a commercial space on the night of June 18, 2019. The arson occurred in the Côte-Des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-De-Grâce borough on rue Jean-Talon ouest. 

In a stunning video captured by in-store security cameras, the two suspects are seen dousing the area with gasoline before setting it ablaze. These suspects are on the loose and are potentially dangerous. 

What complicates things is that the men were both masked and wearing black clothing so it's tough to see exactly who was responsible. From the video, it's clear that both men were prepared.

Both suspects are male and of medium height. One suspect is clearly wearing a branded sweater and Nikes while the other also has an indistinguishable brand and white stripe on his jacket.

Citizens who might recognize these men can call 911 to speak with the investigating officer or call in an anonymous tip at Info-Crime Montréal by dialling 514-393-1133.

The video (seen below) shows the two men making quick work dousing this store on Jean-Talon in gasoline. 

Translation: The SPVM is looking for two arson suspects that set fire to a commercial building in Côte-Des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-De-Grâce.

The men, clearly in a rush, brought enough gasoline to douse the entire store. One of the men even slips and falls on some gasoline in the background as he makes haste to spill the contents of his gas canister. 


One suspect, wearing a yellow striped jacket, a mask, and black Nikes douses these red chairs and countertops in the foreground. 

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The other man, less obvious with his branding, is first seen in the background of the video until he rushes over to douse another unseen room in gasoline. 


He slips and almost falls once more before he enters the frame again. He pours out the remainder of his gas canister around where his devious friend missed a few spots. 


The men disappear as quickly as they appear, fleeing the scene after setting fire to the store.

If you recognize these men, contact the SPVM or Info-Crime as soon as possible. 

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