• The "Best and Worst Cities in the World to Live and Work Abroad in 2020" was released by InterNations and Montreal is high up on the list! Ranked #5 city to move to worldwide, Montreal has gained the title of the best city to live in Canada.
  • Find out all about the reasons behind the rankings below!

It's official: Montreal is the best city in Canada. At least according to InterNations, the largest global community for expatriates. With the help of its very large user base, InterNations just released its annual expat city ranking of The Best and Worst Cities in the World to Live and Work Abroad in 2020.

The report reveals how expats rate life in 82 cities around the world. And our very own Montreal came in at the number one spot for Canada and a rather impressive number 5 spot worldwide. 

The survey took into account over 20,000 users' views on their host country along with the city they currently reside in. Participants rated more than 25 aspects of urban life that looked at Quality of Urban Living, Getting Settled, Urban Work-Life, and Finance & Housing. 

Montreal far outranked other Canadian cities with its top five placement. The next Canadian city to make the list is Calgary at 19. Toronto and Vancouver lag far behind at 39 and 55, respectively. 

Montreal also ranked 33rd for satisfaction with participants' financial situation while Toronto (79) and Vancouver (80) landed in the bottom five worldwide. Ouch.

So, what are these cities that beat out our fair city? In order; Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, and Singapore.

Across several fronts, Montreal ranked higher than other Canadian cities, namely: 

  • Urban Work Life (10th worldwide)

  • Local Cost of Living (11th)

  • Finance & Housing (8th) 

  • Housing Subcategory (5th) 

Turns out, 79% of participants say it's easy to find housing, and 62% rate the cost of housing positively. 

Aachen, Germany (1st) and Panama City took the top two spots for the Work-Life Balance subcategory, but Montreal still ranks a very high third. Sixty-five percent of users said they were happy with the local career opportunities, and most participants enjoy the leisure activities available in Montreal. 

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It can't all be rainbows and gold stars. Montreal only ranked 41 for Quality of Urban Living, with the biggest complaints being the availability of healthcare and the local climate and weather. 

According to a Venezuelan expat, “winter is too long and cold.” Yes. Yes, it is. 

Some of the worst cities were pretty surprising, with popular spots like New York and Los Angeles making it into the bottom five.

The worst cities to live in are; Kuwait City (82nd), Rome, Milan, Lagos (Nigeria), Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Lima, New York City, and Yangon.

To read more about the annual ranking and see where else made this list, click here.

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