Those of us that live in Montreal often take for granted how beautiful and romantic the city really is. I often hear tourists marvelling at the city's European vibes and how literally everyone is attractive. Montreal is indeed a city of love. has released their rankings of the most romantic cities in the world and unsurprisingly, our gorgeous city of Montreal scored high marks. According to their rankings, Montreal is the most romantic city in North America! 

Now, while we can't vouch for the scientific accuracy of these rankings, it's a safe bet that this is true. There's truly no other city like it in North America.

Montreal, with its limitless parks, relentless nightlife, and incredible restaurants, doesn't need an explanation as to why it's the most romantic city in North America. It just is!

I can already hear the New Yorkers crying out against this ranking but settle down y'all. Just like your bagels, hot dogs, and smoked meat, New York comes in second place to Montreal. 

In the global ranking, Montreal came in 11th place, outranking popular destinations such as Los Angeles, Marrakech, and Dublin.

According to, Montreal ranked so high because of "a charming city center, coupled with modern and sexy nightlife options, there is something for every couple in the cultural capital of Quebec." 

Paris, of course, ranked in 1st place. I mean, sure, a safe bet for romance but can you be a little more original? 

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Rounding out the top 5 are other classic romantic destinations like Sydney, Australia, Venice, Italy, Kyoto, Japan, and Bruges, Belgium. 

In the top 10 are classic European destinations such as Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic. I'm sure Dubrovnik makes the top 10 because of Game of Thrones or else I'm sure Montreal would've been in the top 10.

We should be honoured as a city to be included in such an esteemed group. And of course, it's always nice to brag about how awesome we are as a city. 

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The most romantic city in North America is perhaps the best place to be during the summer!

Stay beautiful and romantic, Montreal! 


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