The 2019 Canadian YouthfulCities Urban Youth Index was released recently and Montreal achieved some incredible results. Known by many as one of the best cities for young people in Canada, these results should really come as no surprise. 

Over the past year, the YouthfulCities Urban Youth Index has been surveying young people 15-29 across Canada, seeing what was important to them about employment. According to the study, 15-29-year-olds in Canada are among the most educated ever yet have to face many obstacles such as "the paradox of needing experience to get experience." 

The index ranked 21 cities across Canada and Montreal came on top in many of the aspects that were surveyed. Education, entrepreneurship, and most importantly, finding jobs, was were Montreal distinguished itself above all other cities.

Though Edmonton narrowly came out on top of Montreal in the total overall results, Montreal was ranked as the #1 best place to find a job for youth in Canada. 

According to the study, "entrepreneurship is thriving in Canada's largest Francophone city [...] and is among the lowest base cost to get a business license." In fact, Montreal ranked second to Toronto in terms of "Entrepreneurial Spirit" meaning that business conferences and job applicants in Montreal are at an all-time high. 

In their rankings, Montreal scored the highest points in terms of overall employment opportunities. Montreal has many youth employment initiatives and a high number of new jobs. Opportunity abounds here!

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Unfortunately, where Montreal still lags behind many Canadian cities is in average salary range per number of jobs. Entry-level jobs are also slightly lower than average but the city is quickly gaining steam in that regard. 

According to the report, Montreal would've been the number #1 city if public transportation was more affordable. Montreal has one of the lowest education costs in the country. Likely because of the number of students, Montreal still has issues converting part-time jobs to full-time jobs.  

Montreal's youth population comprises 20.4% of the total population. The results show that Montreal has incredible opportunities for youth across the board despite some hurdles to overcome.

Ultimately, it seems that even though Montreal has some room to grow in some areas, the city is the top city in Canada for youth to find a job! 

Good news is that even if you can't find a job, starting a business here is easier than ever! Though, these numbers being so encouraging, it's likely you'll find a whole lot of opportunity. 

To read the full YouthfulCities Urban Youth Index, please click here

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