It's no secret that the conditions outside are less than ideal right now. With the potential for massive flooding on the horizon as well as freezing rain, many stores, schools, and services have been cancelled for the day.

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TL;DR For a period of time today, Uber Eats cancelled all delivery services due to dangerous road conditions. As of 2:00 pm, most restaurants are available through the service, though it is overwhelmed with orders. More details below.

No big deal, right? It sounds like the perfect opportunity to stay warm indoors, watch some Netflix, and order takeout. 

Except for a period of time today, many people in Montreal couldn't. Uber Eats temporarily suspended their food delivery services in parts of Montreal due to weather conditions. Upon opening the website, every restaurant was marked "currently unavailable." As of 2:00 pm, some restaurants in the city are again available, though the service is overwhelmed with orders.

Understandably, some pretty hungry Montrealers have taken to Twitter over the past few hours to express their frustration and confusion. Unfortunately their questions have gone unanswered. Given the high demand for food delivery right now, you might want to start searching around your house for cans of food to sustain you in the meantime.

If you thought you could avoid these problems by ordering from another food delivery service, such as Foodora, you really shouldn't get your hopes up. Although they have not yet shut down their orders, the wait times are astronomical.


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