Two of Montreal's metro lines, both Blue & Orange were shut down today during the early-morning commute.

My heart goes out to the STM... it seems they're having a pretty rough November. Last week, the entirety of the Orange line was down between Lionel-Groulx and Berri-UQAM after a city aqueduct burst and water started to enter Square-Victoria-OACI. 

Crews worked tirelessly to block the source of the water, but were unable to open the downtown section of the Orange line until they had sufficiently removed the water from the station.

The downtown section of the metro remained shut down, with power cut while water remained, until 1 p.m., when passengers were finally informed that service had resumed. 

Today, both the Blue and the Orange line were shut down for part of the early-morning commute due to the presence of smoke, with the entirety of the Blue line being out of service beginning at 6:30 a.m. and not resuming entirely until 8 a.m.

The Orange line was then implicated and was shut down between Cote-Vertu and Lionel-Groulx at 6:30 a.m. as well. 

Service is supposed to be normal on both lines now, but if there seems to be a bit of a wait or a bit of a crowd, this should explain it.

The initial tweet from the STM was sent out at 6:30 with the hopes that the problem could be solved within 25 minutes, meaning that passengers would be able to start travelling between Snowdon and Saint-Michel before 7 a.m.

However, the scope of the issue meant that the STM was forced to keep the line shut down for another hour, not resuming service until 8 a.m.

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The orange line was implicated around the same time, implying that Snowdon station may have been the root of the issue. The shutdown impacted the entire western arm of the  Orange line, from Cote-Vertu to Lionel-Groulx.

Service was able to resume on the Orange line after about half an hour, while crews continued to work on the Blue line until 8 a.m. when service resumed.

Everything is back up and running now, though the STM does warm that "delays and increased ridership" are inevitable in both directions, so people will need to be patient... and maybe send your boss a text with this article. They'll understand. 

We'll keep you posted with any updates but until then, happy commuting and stay safe out there, Montreal!

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