• Environment Canada issued a freezing rain warning for this evening, March 1, 2020, proving yet again the unpredictableness of Montreal weather.
  • The warning is for numerous places in Quebec, including the Montreal Island area and the Laval area.
  • Read the official warning below.

As we all know, Montreal weather is as unpredictable as a Gemini. This gets proven time and time again, and this week, as we moved out of February and into March, was no exception. I know we all had high hopes that spring was here last weekend, and those dreams slowly got crushed as the temperature dropped lower and lower. Well, I'm here to let you know that Environment Canada released a freezing rain warning for this evening, March 1, 2020, so the feeling of spring may not hit our city again for a little while.

I suppose if you typically associate spring with rain, then you're not too far off. But freezing rain definitely doesn't make us feel like we'll be seeing green grass and colourful flowers any time soon.

The freezing rain warning was released by Environment Canada at 3:23 p.m. and is stated to be for both the Montreal Island area and the Laval area, amongst other places in Quebec.

So folks, get those umbrellas and rain boots out, your scarfs and jackets ready, and prepare to battle what Mother Nature is about to lay on us. Or, just hide inside... Hopefully you didn't have any major plans for this evening.

It seems there's no need to get too down about the upcoming bad weather, though. Environment Canada's last Facebook post provides hope that spring is still around the corner — no matter what it may look like during the next 24 hours.

This post is the exact positivity I'm hoping everyone starts off this new month with.

But, facts are facts — and I'm here to provide you with them.

Since I'm no weather woman, here's the official warning from Environment Canada:

"A band of precipitation will cross the province of Quebec from west to east on Monday... Areas along the Valley and especially just north, such as the north shore of Montreal, Laval and the Lower Laurentians, Lanaudière, Mauricie and the Quebec City Area will rather receive freezing rain late in the afternoon and/or in the evening."

"In general, 2 to 5 millimetres of freezing precipitation is expected."

So, make sure to be extra careful on your drive to work tomorrow morning, as the freezing rain may continue its way into the morning. And, even if it doesn't, the streets are sure to be extra icy.

And, just in case you're a planner like me, here's what the rest of the week is going to look like in Montreal: 

It looks like the temperature will be going up and down, and we'll be hit with sun, rain, snow, and clouds all in one week.

I know this comes as a surprise to none of us... Happy March, Montreal!

You can read the freezing rain warning on Environment Canada's website.

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