The end of the month and the start of October is going to be very confusing for a lot of Canadians. 

Last weekend, it felt like we were having another brief summer in Montreal with temperatures reaching 28°C and feeling like highs of 35°C. Considering the brutal winters we can have, it's perfectly fine that our summers extend well into September. 

Earlier in the month fall started off pretty quick with cooler than normal temperatures east of the Rockies. But since then most of Canada has been warmer than normal.  

According to the Weather Network, now we're in for some more surprising weather starting at the end of the week and into the middle of next week. While above seasonal temperatures will be in full force from the Great Lakes to southern Quebec, an extremely chilly blast of weather will sweep across western Canada. 

And we're sorry to say, but Calgary, it's not looking so good for you. Come Saturday, Cowtown may hit an astounding high of 0ºC while Quebec will still be happily frolicking in the lovely fall weather of the lower 20s and may even enjoy "one or two more days of mid-summer heat and humidity," says The Weather Network.

Not that we're trying to rub it in. 

There will be snowstorms to accompany the cold weather in the Rockies of B.C. and in Alberta late in the week and weekend. Heavy wet snow is expected to spread across southern Alberta and into parts of southern Saskatchewan.

At this point, it does look like there will only be a few centimeters of snow in the Calgary area. But oh man, snow in October? We feel for you. 

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The biggest problem with snowstorms so early in the season is that the fall leaves are still on the trees. Heavy snow could weigh trees down and cause major damage and power outages. The short season can also have a major impact on farmers and their fall harvest. 

As for Quebec? Summer's final adieu has yet to exit stage left. Temperatures early next week are expected to reach into the mid to upper 20s but start to drop to the early teens by October 4. 

Well everyone, no matter where you'll be in the coming weeks, it looks like summer is coming to a harsh close for all of us pretty soon. 

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