• After a bitter cold spat, Montreal weather is about to lighten up this week.
  • Say goodbye to freezing in -20 wind chill temperatures and say hello to the perfect winter weather to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Full week and weekend forecast below!

If these past couple days of Montreal weather, with their super sub-zero temperatures and a wind chill making it feel like -20, had you ready to abandon La Belle Province entirely, I come bearing good news. It's going to warm up significantly this week, starting today and lasting through the weekend.

The temperature in Montreal from today until Monday of next week is forecast to hover just around the zero mark, both during the day and at night.

Environment Canada is also forecasting a fair bit of sun and the potential for snow come this weekend.

That means this week and the coming weekend are going to provide great opportunities to get outside and do some of the outdoor activities that were simply off-limits the last week or so thanks to ridiculously cold temperatures.

Whether you head to the mountain for some tobogganing or cross-country skiing or opt for the Old Port to do some skating, it's going to be a great week and weekend to be outside.

Take a look at Environment Canada's forecast for the rest of the week in Montreal below.

Here's the weekly forecast for Montreal, provided by Environment Canada. You can see that temperatures won't be dropping past -5°C this week, even at night.

Though there will still be a bit of a wind chill factor early in the week. Environment Canada warns that both Wednesday and Thursday it's likely to feel like -10 with the wind chill in the morning.

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When I checked the forecast last night, things were looking a little different and... even a little uncanny.

The forecast was updated this morning, to the one you saw above, but I still had to show this because it was so freaky.

It was originally forecasted to be 1°C every single day for the rest of the week...

The updated forecast is now calling for some warmer days and, lucky for us, at least two days of sun.

So call up your friends and pull that toboggan or your skates out of the closet. This is the perfect week to enjoy the great outdoors without freezing your ears off!

Enjoy it, Montreal!

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