• Sure, the weather outside is weather. But Montreal weather this weekend is going to be straight-up miserable and rainy.
  • Plus, some freezing rain for good measure.
  • Check out the full Environment Canada forecast below.

There is a lot going on in the world these days, including some undeniably scary politics. It seems the world and the countries in it have never been more divided. I'm not being funny or anything, but sometimes I'm truly grateful for the weather, even if Montreal weather this weekend is going to be miserable and rainy. At least the weather is still that neutral conversation topic everyone can enjoy.

So, if you're someone who finds themselves in an office where conversations get heated... this article is for you. Some nice, neutral weather to get you through the day.

Because at least weather is still unifying. We experience it all together, no one is exempt. And when it gets really trying, we're there for each other. Especially in Canada.

That is, until someone brings up climate change.

Then things go right back to being all political again. Tensions rise, opinions lobbed back and forth, young girls with Asberger's are scrutinized...

While the weather this weekend is certainly undesirable (and certainly warmer than the historical average for this time of year), I promise I won't bring climate science into it.

This time.

Now, on to the forecast.

Here is the forecast for Montreal this week, provided by Environment Canada.

Today, Wednesday, we can expect more of that nice, light, fluffy snow we've been seeing lately. Thursday will be cold and sunny, a great day for skiing if you can ditch work.

Then, on Friday, things start to warm up. By Friday night it's raining and that will continue into Saturday.

Then, all that rain is likely to freeze as temperatures drop below zero on Saturday night, where rain will turn to snow and Montreal streets turn to ice rinks.

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Sunday is definitely going to take the cake in terms of miserable weather. Environment Canada is calling for "periods of freezing rain or snow," Montreal's favourite grab-bag of precipitation.

Luckily, it looks like things will straighten out Sunday night and the beginning of next week could be pretty spectacular.

Sun, just-barely-below-zero temperatures that will stave off any rain, and even the chance of some of those friendly snow flurries we love and romanticize so much on our Instagram stories. 

No? Just me?

I'm sure a weather article can't cheer you up or distract you from the truly sad and devastating news that is coming out this morning.

But what else can I offer?

How about this:

Enjoy your week before the rain hits, Montreal. I hope this article, if nothing else, was a welcome distraction from all the other bad news out there today.

Let's try and focus on the unifying aspects of our lives.

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