• A Montreal woman has shared a story of a man dressed as a city of Montreal worker who she suspects planned to break into her home.
  • She says she contacted the city and was told that an employee was never sent to her address.
  • We spoke to the woman about her experience.

A Montreal woman has shared a disturbing story of her alleged encounter with a man pretending to be a municipal worker in order to gain access to her house. She fears that the man was assessing her home for a potential break-in attempt.

She was home alone with her child when her doorbell rang. As she got closer to the door, she says she noticed a City of Montreal jacket, worn by a man holding a clipboard.

The man claimed to be a city worker sent to inspect her windows, she recalls. When she closed the door after telling him that her baby had gone down for a nap and that he had to come back, he proceeded to knock again.

The man insisted that he would only take two minutes of her time. She refused once again and called the city to verify his status.

She says the City of Montreal confirmed that there was no one sent over to check her windows so she then called the police. Police searched the area and weren’t able to find him.

She shared this disturbing story on Reddit to warn the community.

We reached out to the woman regarding the incident and she told us that she was able to get a really good look at the man and described him to the police.

This mother of two, who asked to remain anonymous, said that she is worried he might have been “casing the joint” and “watching her family.” She went on to tell me that “as a mother, [her] priority is always that her children are safe, especially in their home.”

The Montreal local said that she has never experienced anything like this throughout her time living in the area. “Our street is fairly busy and we have a ton of families and it was in the middle of the day.” 

I asked her what she thought he would have done had she let him in and although she would prefer not to think of it, she believes he would have “looked at how the doors and windows lock, to gain access when I wasn’t home.” 

We reached out to the Montreal Police, who said that such reports are confidential and that, therefore, they could not confirm this event. A spokesperson did say, however, that there has not been an increase in such incidents in the city.

We also reached out to the city of Montreal but have yet to receive a response.

In the comments section under the Reddit post, several people said that they have had similar experiences in Montreal. One woman even stated that this happened to her in the week prior.

One commenter noted that this was “the oldest trick in the book."

On its website, the SPVM lists a number of burglary prevention tips for residents:

  • "Make sure your exterior doors are well lit. Avoid having bushes, trees and fences around your home – they may provide hiding places for burglars."

  • "Use automatic light timers – they're easy to install and inexpensive."

  • "Engrave your valuables – your neighbourhood police station will lend you an engraver for free. CDs can be marked with indelible ink."

  • "Install a security system to alert your neighbours of the presence of intruders."

  • "The officers at your neighbourhood police station will help you identify the vulnerabilities in your home and take measures to fix them - for free!"

More information on burglary can be found on the SPVM website here.

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