• Orange construction cones are an integral part of the Montreal cityscape.
  • This week, several people have submitted photos and videos to MTL Blog showing Montrealers getting creative with the orange menaces.
  • While we may despise them, the orange cones are critical to public safety in construction zones. It is important that you never move them from the spots where officials have placed them.

The ubiquitous orange cone is an iconic feature of Montreal's landscape. You see them everywhere — on the streets, by the water, in the water, and in your dreams. 

Orange cones are used on construction sites to serve as a barrier between the general public and the construction workers. They're huge — up to 1.5 metres tall, with stacked cylindrical shapes. When you see an orange cone, you know you're in Quebec. 

Though sometimes, Montrealers find other, more creative uses for those pesky orange construction cones. We've seen cones being used for an assortment of creative and sometimes questionable purposes. Some cones are said to even come alive, consuming Montrealers whole and using their consumed legs to get around the city, terrorizing the passersby. 

I've seen orange cones used as apartment decoration, in art galleries, thrown in the Lachine Canal, discarded in the trash, damaged beyond repair by angry drivers, and once, I even saw one flying through the air, spurred by a strong gust of wind. 

Montreal is by nature a creative city and sometimes our local residents out-do themselves with their imaginative implementation of those orange traffic cones. Here are some of our favourites plus a few other silly suggestions!

Karate Kid: Montreal 

You might've seen this one last week, but we love it so much that we're gonna show it again. 

How could you not love this karate master's dedication to his craft? A humble yellow belt, he knows that he needs to practice to become the ultimate champion. What better sparring partner than Montreal's orange traffic cones?

Did he move the cone to the field to practice or was the cone already there? So many questions, so few answers. But we're okay with that. 

All we know is that Karate Kid is a legend.

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They Walk Amongst Us!!

As we've discussed, cones sometimes come alive and consume Montrealers whole. Instead of being a menace, however, this humble cone decided to spread the love and pay it forward. 

The friendly cone was embraced by Montrealers for its kindness and humility. In an exclusive interview with MTL Blog, the cone says that "I was humbled by how accepting everyone was. My kind is not often welcomed around these parts. I'm going to continue my mission to spread the goodwill of orange cone kind around the province! Catch me on my tour of Quebec City next week."

It's time we see the abundance of orange cones in the city as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Why not practice your French by swearing at every single cone you walk by?

While we may despise them, the organge cones are critical to public safety in construction zones. It is important that you never move them from the spots where officials have placed them.

Have you spotted any orange cone antics in Montreal?

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in Montreal, send us a message, photo, or video @MTLBlog on Twitter and Instagram.

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